I spank my teenage son

Speaking, i spank my teenage son

Jun 3, - I doubt your husband is worse than mine. i have not worn any clothes since we got married two years ago. I am required to remain nude from.

Really. i spank my teenage son safe answer What

Aug 21, - I have and continue to spank my kids both 11 and I pull down my boys' pants & briefs and put them over the table. believe me. they're. May 19, - well, 11 times is a little excessive but apparently it worked. I think that the main problem with todays society is that if you lay a hand on your child Should I spank my teenage son?

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Jun 13, - I have a serious problem with my oldest son who is My wife and I gives a bit more details about administering a spanking to an older teen. Jul 21, - I really don't know if teenage boys are spanked very often these days, but I would doubt many of them would be spanked as much as my Am I wrong for still spanking my 15 year.

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I was spanked as a kid. I remember it as a threat; I remember it happening regularly, open hand on the ass. But I remember the last time I got spanked the most. However, I will admit there were a couple of times that I spanked my son with a If you have problems with your teen or adult children, it can be directly linked.

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Dec 29, - I have 3 sons, a 22 year old and 19 year old twins. I was always very strict since they were little kids when it came to politeness. I've andysgreenport.com anyone "take a belt to their kids" anymore? (legal. I told my parents I was too old, but they didn't care and spanked me because if the school thinks whatever a kid did is bad enough to the point.

I spank my teenage son apologise

Jul 13, - Hi, I spanked my three elder sons when they were younger. I am a very gentle person so it was never in anger (I struggled to do it but read how. Apr 27, - Standing his son in the corner or putting him in "timeout" obviously wouldn't work. Even several well-known spanking proponents, such as.

I spank my teenage son impossible

I spank my teenage son apologise

Dec 29, - When I was a child my parents spanked me. I was not She actually is a kid who wants to do the right thing and she always has been that way. So I teach in a southern rural town. Most of my coworkers have the "that kid just needs his butt beat" mentality. Every time we talk abou. https://andysgreenport.com/homemade/

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May 2, - I am just from spanking my almost 4 year old son. You know But I guess it's one of those sacrifices you have to make for your kid. Parenting is. "One day my son was acting up and was uncontrollable," says Togni. "He wouldn't listen or calm down, so I spanked him and told him to go to his room.